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About Me

Welcome to Future Impossible. My name is Marty Lichtel, and I run this place. I am a Windows Server admin or engineer, take your pick for a title. I work mostly with Microsoft back-end infrastructure and leverage PowerShell where I can. I started this blog in late 2015. I was searching for a good domain name, and after toying with some variations and searching for available names, I found this one.

The name is really tongue-in-cheek. Working in technology, I believe a few things —

  1. Complexity is increasing, especially interactions between dis-similar networked systems. The fancy way to say that is, a heterogeneous network. Look that up in your Funk & Wagnalls.
  2. What I don’t know will always far surpass what I do know. I think that’s a healthy realization. Best to not be ignorant, and become aware of what I don’t know – the known unknowns.
  3. The amount of information available is staggering. And when I find the best sources of fresh ideas and expertise in my field, the information is awesome. But finding the awesome and keeping up with the changes are the challenges. It’s needle-in-a-haystack type stuff, literally.

And so, if I look at the deluge of information at quick glance, it’s scary. What should I know? For a new problem that needs a new solution, where do I start? It’s complicated. There are many ways to achieve an objective. And just when I get to know 1/10th of 1% of something really well, it’s obsolete. The point is, the future can seem impossible… but if I believe that, then it is. My goal for the blog is to write about my journey digesting the tidal wave that is a career in technology, if not a metaphor for life when you really think about it.


Epilogue: The ramblings, views, and opinions on this blog are my own, and have nothing to do with my current employer or any other institution, person, place, or thing. It felt good to write that, I’ve always wanted to spit out something legal-sounding.

And while you’re out there (Riker) Googling, note that my ‘Future Impossible’ is not to be confused with the Bell Labs video series of the same name, though it is worth a watch.

Cheers and thanks for visiting.