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Group Policy in Windows 10

If you’re a sysadmin used to working with Group Policy, be aware of the following implementations of GPO in Windows 10.

Changes per edition

Home edition has no official GPO support and no local Group Policy editor console. Some enterprising blog and forum posters have purported ways to get around this, but I’m skeptical. My understanding is that even a direct registry edit of Policies subkeys will not work on Win 10 Home edition. Professional, Enterprise, and Education editions support GPO but there are some distinct differences between Pro and Enterprise.

Windows 10 Pro has fewer options

Here are the list of GPOs that you can only manipulate in Enterprise and Education editions as of Win 10 v1607 (anniversary update):

  • Turn off access to the Windows Store
  • Only display the private store within the Windows Store app
  • Configure Spotlight on lock screen
  • Turn off all Windows spotlight features
  • Turn off Microsoft consumer features
  • Do not display the lock screen
  • Do not require CTRL + ALT +DEL combined with Turn off app notifications on the lock screen
  • Do not show Windows tips
  • Force a specific default lock screen image
  • Don’t search the web or display web search results

For more details, see the following TechNet post:

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