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Is Black Friday traffic bogging down

To my eyes, it looked like took a beating today, Black Friday. Both this morning and tonight I experienced the following issues:

  • Amazon Music Player was very slow to buffer songs, and very slow to download. When it did buffer some of the song, it eventually gave up trying to play it with a timeout error.


  • Shopping oddities: I ordered a new Kindle Paperwhite bundle, only to get an email hours later that the payment method (my Amazon Store Card) was not processing correctly.


For my music, I’ve given up for now. As for the payment processing, I went into my open orders and simply re-applied the Amazon Store Card as payment. It seemed to work, and I got a positive confirmation email; but now the delivery date is pushed out a day. I assume a shipping cutoff was missed due to the snafu.

To be fair, I was doing this all from my laptop on wireless, but hadn’t had these problems before. To give my use case a little boost in validity, I also tested on a machine connected by 1 gigabit Ethernet directly into my router. The home page still loaded slower than normal. The music download was faster, but not as fast as usual.

Looks like Amazon – whose market cap just eclipsed Walmart’s – is going to need to work through some bumps to meet customer demands.

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